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*an hour in the life of willis*

*10-3-01* 6:08 pm

guess what??!! my cam's back up! yay! and i'm not mad at my mommy anymore. ::grin:: so whoever reads my page still and/or now, welcome to BGSU.... cause that's where i have landed. er or something. so. we've got this game going on in my hall, where everyone's assigned someone's name and you have to go "kill" that person. to "kill" someone, you have to find them when they're ALONE (no witnesses to the "murder") and whisper "i see dead people" without anyone hearing... if someone hears it, then the person's not dead and then they know who the killer is. there's safe zones and stuff it's cool... this is pretty much a practice run. the real game starts in a week and it's with our hall (4th north whoo hoo) and the guys... so that should be interesting. i'm going home tonight! so i get to go see c0rr. oh yeah i attempted skateboarding... i can push and i almost did a manual, but the board flew out from under me... and when i was chasing after it i ended up falling. figures :).... well, gtg.

*9-26-01* 4:38 pm

well, it's wedsday, the day i usually can't wait to run home for the night... i don't want to today though... i just want to hang out with c0rr the whole time... my mom's being a dork. i can understand she's mad at me and c0rr for talking too long at 2:30 in the morning, but she went all off the hook and shit. now she wants to have a talk with me whoo hoo. and it's fucking cold as shit outside. atleast in highschool you didn't have to walk outside in freezing cold weather to get to your classes. that sucks. definately sucks. i had some weird dreams last night... the first one was the u.s. was being attacked by godzilla and me and c0rr were drafted to go to war against it (along with a lot of other people) and i knew we didn't stand a chance, so i just wanted me and c0rr to kill ourselves... but i didn't get the chance to tell c0rr in the dream... at one point he was at his brother's funeral, but he had like 53 brothers and sisters. it was weird. then there was the next dream that was c0rr and one of his 53 brothers' birthdays. but there was this guy that kept following me around at the party and then he hugged me and kissed me on the head from behind me like i was dating him or something.... i was completely repulsed and c0rr saw that the guy did that and he was all about kicking the dude's ass. but i was trying not to get them to fight, and i ended up trying to beat up the guy... then i think i woke up.... weeeeiiiirrrddd. combos. hmm. they're ok. chedder/pretzel.... damn, aim's not working for some fucking reason :( man this is a long entry..... i must have a lot to say today! update on religious freaks on campus: besides brother jed, we recently had a whole buncha anti-planned parenthood freaks yelling "CONTROL YOUR GENITALS" while waving posters of dead babies and the holocost. strange... but guess who got pictures! again.. this time with george down the hall in them... whoo hoo! it'll prob be awhile before i get any of these developed though. well, i'm gonna go play sims for a bit... bye :)

*9-20-01* 10:50 pm

shit... i'm at school now, but i'm home just as much as i'm here.... yay bgsu :) i'm thinking about doing the cam thing again, from my dorm room... but i gotta get the info again... so we'll see. i'm definately still with c0rr, it's been a year (well, a year last saturday...) i love him, so much, so sosososos much. it was pretty funny the other day, c0rr's brother got to wear the same purple dress cause of his bday at joe's crab shack.... mmmmmm... real food. went shopping with hdk yesterday and got a bad religion shirt... which i am currently wearing... (and nothing else... j/k) college is definately better than highschool, but i'd much rather be living with c0rr than here... too many rules. hopefully i'll keep this up again...... we'll see!

*6-19-01* 12:15 pm:

well, my last day house sitting :( had my graduation mini-party at my dad's on saturday! it was fun, c0rr and i sat around with my aunt, grandma, my dad, and my dad's fiancee and played uno. man, it got vicious (spell?) plus my dad went all out an bought me a laptop which i'll update from sometime soon. i think i'm gonna take advantage of this cable modem and archive real quick... later

*6-14-01* 5:15 pm:

w00 h00! cable modem. not mine, but i'm house sitting my mom's friend's house (and taking care of the dog and the cat) so i get to play on the computer :))))) c0rr stayed over with me last night. was fun.... cozy. i need to get cigarettes! and and and coke. yeah. well, nothing really interesting is going on besides that... mar was supposed to page me but she must have forgotten or something.... oh yeah and there's no food in the house.. that sucks. need to find some frickin munchies!

*6-12-01* 6:59 pm:

well. i'm finally getting around to updating :) took me a couple of months. i got my pager reactivated today, but it's a different number... all you local people that i know have to get it from me.. for some reason, mike's hard lemonade doesn't taste as good as it used to. that sucks. maybe cause this bottle is old and flat? oh god, my dad stumbled upon one of my websites about a month ago... thank god it wasn't this one! i thought it was at first and i was flipping out. but it was one from about a year and a half ago, with no links to this page thank god or goddess or dog or cheetos. or maybe fritolay? man this is terrible, i'm making a face whenever i take a sip of this stupid beverage. i think i'm done with alcohol til next school year. oh yeah, that reminds me, i'm finally graduated from high school. not like i was there much anyhow, i got out at 11:00 am. but still, i'm done. done. done. done.i'll prob update my cam whenever sin7 gets back up, but until then, fuck it.i'm thinking about naming my site "Mookie Land" or making a new section called that. i don't know what the section would be though. "mookie" is the nickname evo1 gave me at work the other day.. i actually like it. it's fun. and amusing. and i like. putting peri.od.s. ever.y. w.h.ere. fragmented sentences are the newest trend, didn't ya know? wow, that means i'm trendy. or maybe i'm a trend setter. dammit, my mom stole my car again. gr. her battery was dead cause she left her keys in her car. dumbass. :::takes a sip and makes a face::: ew. BGSU in augest, i'm excited. but what sucks is spanky is going to CCAD fucking 2 hours away! or more i don't know. that sucks though. but i guess if that's what she wants to do.... that's what she wants to do. this entry is like stream of consciousness (spell?) and shit... all virginia wolfe and stuff.... wow, it's warm. very warm. need a tan. i need a fucking tan, cause my pale ass is... well, pale.c0rr graduated too! i'm so happy for him! here's a pic from the celebration dinner... keep in mind, c0rr had was a little buzzed....


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